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Our philosophy

The Medcare Medical Centre was born with the desire to offer our fellow citizens an Excellence based Medical Assistance for all the most frequent pathologies. For this purpose, the Medcare Medical Centre has Excellent Specialists capable of diagnosing and treating the first needs of our clients, being advanced and making use of the most modern clinical armamentaria.

Within this portfolio of services we will highlight the presence of a Hyperbaric Chamber of 3 ATA that allows the application of oxygen therapy in an infinite number of pathologies of which have already demonstrated results.

We have specialties such as dermatology, vascular surgery, cosmetic medicine and surgery, general surgery, podiatry, physiotherapy, nutrition, etc. Covering the first and main medical needs of our patients.

Apart from offering the most innovative medical techniques, another of our "Added Values" is to create Synergies with other sources of health such as the "pharmacy offices" of our neighbourhood where we work together to provide a medical solution to the problems posed by patients in these offices.

This "Win-Win" relationship allows us to be alerted to changes in the needs of our customers and adapting our activity to them.

Our Vision is to lead the Hyperbaric therapy in our Community Generating a Valencian Institute of Hyperbaric and Underwater Therapy. We have one of the best single-seater hyperbaric chambers worldwide as well as a team of professionals specializing in this type of therapy, giving us the ability to cover all those pathologies subsidiary to this type of therapy.

Values at Medcare


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