New Private Medical Center is opened in Valencia offered to offer the most innovative health techniques, available to any citizen. The Medical Medical Center has a distribution of Portfolios of Medical and Health

Services that cover most of the pathologies of first necessity that our patients demand from us.

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To carry out this purpose, we have a single-seater hyperbaric chamber of 3 Atmospheres of the latest generation, which complies with all legal provisions, and covers multiple uses in pathologies that are already indicative of this hyperbaric therapy; diabetic foot, sudden deafness, burns, scars or residual injuries post-radiation, muscle fatigue and so on, all of which can be consulted within the Medical Centre itself.

In our medical center you can find a Nutrition and Dietetics Unit , which can provide you with Nutritional Education . This does not only cover the dissemination of information about food and its nutrients, but also provides you with the tools so that you know what to do and how to act to improve your nutrition. In addition, our Nutrition and Dietetics professionals are specialized sports nutrition, child nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, analysis of body composition and allergies and intolerances .

Another service that we offer within our medical chart, is the treatment of varicose veins with the Vena Seal . This treatment is state-of-the-art and allows you to enter your daily life immediately after applying the treatment, since it does not require anesthesia or compression bandages after the intervention.

In Medcare Health and Beauty you can find the ” Diabetic Foot Unit ” made up of an interdisciplinary team made up of specialties such as Podiatry, Nursing, Family Medicine, Vascular Surgery and Hyperbaric Medicine , which share a working methodology, working together to achieve objectives jointly, collaborating with each other in the planning and implementation of a treatment and care plan.

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