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Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the skin. When it is in the right quantity and proportion, it gives the skin a smooth, youthful and hydrated appearance. Its loss is one of the factors that characterizes skin aging; appearing defects in soft tissues such as grooves, wrinkles, folds and marks, worsening the quality and thickness of the skin.

Composite products based on hyaluronic acid allow you to “fill in” areas with marked grooves and wrinkles, or to recover the volume lost in certain regions of the face as well as increasing the volume of other regions such as the lips. Furthermore, its liquid retention capacity produces a significant improvement in the hydration and smoothness of the skin in the treated area.

The range of hyaluronic acids that we use in our clinic is one of the most prestigious brands, being its world reference products, which provides a higher level of security and confidence for our patients.

As for the possible indications for hyaluronic acid, the following are found:

  • Lip plumping and contouring

  • Cheek Volume Increase

  • Treatment of dark circles

  • Nasogenital sulcus treatment

  • Treatment of perioral wrinkles (barcode)

  • Treatment of oral commissure wrinkles (puppet lines)

  • Treatment of already marked furrows between the brow and forehead

  • Rhinomodeling (nasal tip elevation and improved nose appearance)

  • Increased chin volume and mandibular rim marking

  • Improvement of hydration and skin quality by applying it as a mesotherapy

Details of the procedure

The procedure is performed under topical anesthesia with an anesthetic cream to minimize discomfort. Hyaluronic acid products are injected directly into the area to be treated, and its effect is immediate. Hyaluronic acid produces a filler effect and improves skin quality, which can last between 6 and 18 months depending on the characteristics of each patient and the product used.

Over the years, the facial volumes and turgidity of youth are redistributing, all due to the natural aging process in which we went from presenting a face with oval proportions to a face with more square proportions. Luckily, we have hyaluronic acid, which is a non-permanent and absorbable material, lasting 6 to 12 months. It is a molecule that our own body presents in the skin, and we use it in aesthetic medicine to replace lost volumes with age, sun, intense exercise and tobacco use. It is used for facials in the lower two thirds and we can say goodbye to nasogenian furrow wrinkles, barcode, replenish cheek volumes, lip hydration or give them more volume if your lip is thin.

Our plastic surgeons are experts in facial treatment with hyaluronic acid. We will individually assess your case to propose the best option in order to achieve a natural and harmonious result with your face, seeking the maximum duration of our treatments.

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