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The MedCare Medical Centre and within its strategic plan is one of the most innovative and forward thinking synergies in the health world.

Synergies established with neighbourhood pharmacy offices and hotels by supporting all customers who enter the pharmacy and request treatment or the presence of a physician, or any visitor to our city who needs the attention of a physician.

In the Synergy that has taken place with these Pharmacy Offices, and always existing a “win to win” relationship, we are going to see the most frequent pathologies that affect our patients and will see the facilitation of Pharmaceutical companies of which those medical and therapist need through the MedCare medical centre.

It is frequent the presence of patients who want a Primary Care Physician, either because they are not from this city, or because of the long queues they have to make in their social security centres.

The MedCare Medical Centre, always next to the pharmacy offices will try to cover these patients and provide them with treatment if necessary or facilitate your visit with your Health Centre.

The specialist doctor in the Centre where it will be diagnosed and treating any patient who needs or demands it.

We also offer this portfolio to nearby hotels so that those who visit our city are always sure that any health problem is going to be quickly attended in our MedCare Centre giving an effective solution to their problems.

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