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Breast augmentation surgery or augmentation mammoplasty is a procedure that allows you to improve the shape of the breasts while obtaining an augmentation of its size. Our goal in this type of procedure is not only to achieve an increase in volume, but also to obtain a beautiful, elegant and natural breast, adapted to the natural proportions of each patient. This result is achieved through the redistribution of the breast tissues, and the proper positioning of the prostheses:

  • You are unhappy with the small size of your breasts.

  • Weight loss has caused your breasts to change shape and size.

  • After having children, your breasts have decreased in size and lost firmness.

  • One chest is much smaller than the other, causing significant asymmetry.

Details of the procedure

Breast augmentation is an operation performed in the operating room, usually under deep sedation or general anesthesia. The intervention lasts about an hour or an hour and a half. Although patients usually feel well shortly after recovering from the operation, an overnight stay in the hospital is generally recommended to ensure adequate recovery.

During the assessment by the plastic surgeon, the technical details of the intervention will be thoroughly explained, in order to ensure understanding of the options of treatment by the patient, and making a joint decision between patient and surgeon. These technical details include the placement plan of the prosthesis, the type of prosthesis to be used, its volume and shape, and the approach to be used, which will be the position where the scar will be.


The first few days after the intervention you should be careful with your movements. Most of the discomfort you may have will be solved with the medication that you will take prescribed by your surgeon. In addition, intraoperatively we perform a nerve block in the mammary area, to improve discomfort during the early postoperative period.

Although each person evolves differently, in general, recovery will follow these steps:

  • The pain will be present especially the first two days. However, there are particular cases in which the discomfort can last longer.
  • The post-surgical dressing will be removed after one week, at which point the swelling will have started to subside slightly.
  • The same day of surgery, in the afternoon, you can start to sit and walk in the room.
  • From the seventh day on, work can be resumed if it does not involve the effort of superior members and driving with caution.
  • From the fifteenth day you can start a gentle exercise that does not involve the use of upper limbs.
  • From the first month, you can resume physical activity involving the upper body train.

There are various techniques for performing this surgery, which may vary depending on the chest measurements of each patient, and their personal preferences . We will assess your case individually to propose the best options in order to achieve a natural and harmonious result with your body.

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