General information

Bichectomy is a procedure that reduces the volume of the Bichat balls, which are fatty accumulations that are located in the cheek region. When they are large, they can give the face an excessively rounded appearance. Its elimination allows to sharpen the face, providing a more stylized appearance to the facial oval, in addition to highlighting the cheekbones

Procedure details

Bichectomy is performed through two small incisions that are hidden within the oral cavity, so the scars are imperceptible. Through them, the excess fat accumulated in the Bichat balls is extracted, and then the approach is sutured with stitches that will fall on their own after a few days.

Recovery after this procedure is very fast, since it is a simple surgery, which hardly produces edema, swelling or discomfort. The procedure can be performed in consultation, lasting between thirty minutes and one hour, and the patient can return home thirty minutes after the intervention. In most cases, return to work and normal daily activity can be done the day after the operation, although activities that require physical effort should be avoided during the first weeks.

Our surgeons are experts in performing bichectomy under local anesthesia. We will assess your case individually to propose the best option in order to achieve a natural and harmonious result with your face.

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