Are you ready to start the year without excess weight? In this post we leave you some nutritional and coaching recommendations to make this time of year more bearable.On these very special dates, it is possible that our diet undergoes modifications towards foods or drinks that are somewhat more caloric that can lead to weight gain. Controlling the nutrients ingested and the energy value of food is essential, especially in people with chronic diseases who require a more specific eating plan (such as diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, etc.). These are the 8 tips that we leave you to enjoy Christmas without regrets.

  • Moderate your consumption of alcoholic and sugary beverages: it is always preferable to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages or replace them with drinks that have the lowest possible alcohol content and opt for light-type soft drinks.
  • Serve the food to the table already plated: this allows you to control the amount of servings you take. If the food is, serve yourself on the plate the amount of food with which you think you will be satisfied and, if you continue to feel hungry, repeat the same process.
  • Eat fruit for dessert:replace your Christmas sweets with pieces of fruit, try to consume 2-3 pieces of fruit a day.
  • Healthy Christmas sweets: if after meals you feel like eating something sweet, you can consume chocolate with a minimum cocoa percentage of 70% and use a glass of defatted cocoa milk.
  • Get Moving!: try to get some time a day to practice sports, go to your meetings on foot or by bike to activate your body. If you already train normally, keep training the same days even if you are on vacation, so you will not lose your sports routine.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully: when we are at social meals we do not pay attention to what we put in our mouths. Try to talk and eat at alternate times and above all, every so often, listen to your body to know your satiety point and not eat more than you need to nourish yourself!
  • Without regrets: one of the thoughts that arise in January after these dates are regrets for not having taken care of your diet. Following the tips above, try to apply them before starting Christmas.
  • Get over it and enjoy yourself: at Christmas you can also enjoy a good diet. How ?, following your routine healthy habits and applying them to your day-to-day life as normal.

To finish, let’s reflect on the eating habits of last year, in what way do you think you could improve it? How many healthy foods do you think you can introduce this Christmas and how many not so healthy are you able to eliminate? The important thing is not what you have been doing until now, but what you are capable of doing from now on to take care of yourself.

If you want to start taking care of your diet and implement new healthy habits, feel accompanied by a Dietitian-Nutritionist who will help you meet your goals.