At the present time, the greatest health concern in our society is the uncertainty of knowing if it is infected with SARS COV 2 , which is how we know the virus of the family of coronaviruses causing the pandemic.

At Medcare Medcare Health & Beauty center we have the three currently existing detection methods available to our patients, such as:

Quick test

Based on an antibody detection technique (IgG-IgM), it detects the presence of these in our body without specifying their concentration. It has the utility of a rapid screening technique since the result is obtained in 10-15 minutes.

IgG-IgM serology

Detection of the same antibodies generated by the body to defeat SARS COV2 , but using a chemiluminescence technique that provides more sensitivity and precision. It is useful to know exactly what is the immunological situation in which we find ourselves, being able to know if we have been in contact with the virus and if we have developed immunity. The results of this test are available 24-48 hours after the blood is drawn

PCR determination (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

Technique with which the presence of genetic material of SARS COV 2 in the rhino-pharynx of the patient is determined by taking a sample of pharyngeal exudate and that provides us with the certainty, or not, that the virus is present in our body at that time. This technique is used to reach a certain diagnosis of COVID-19 . The results of this test are available 24-48 after the sample sample collection.


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