Healthy Breakfast Regional cuisine

The cooking space of Valencia Club kitchen has begun with a gathering where the closest options of Valencians to eat healthy are analyzed. Healthy Breakfast Regional cuisine.
Something as Valencian as the chufa that there are already those who incorporate it into coffee, Valencian chefs who bet on the most native products such as artichokes, but always in season, the importance of fresh produce from the markets and gastronomic tourism. Where are the children? What do we do so that the little ones get involved in Valencian gastronomy? According to the data obtained from the last national health survey (ENSA), the Valencian population between 2 and 17 years old is 29% overweight, being 11.9% overweight and 16.9% obese. This figure has increased since the survey conducted in 2012 (25.6% of excess weight), being higher in boys (28.5%) than in girls (22.8%). These data place the Valencian community in the third autonomous community with the largest number of obese children.

Sandra Gálvez, nutritional coach of Medcare Medical Center, has defended before the gastronomic sector the importance of focusing on food during childhood, as it is one of the most important factors for a correct development throughout life and for the prevention of different chronic pathologies related to food. Children who suffer from excess weight tend to remain obese in adulthood.

Bad eating habits, lack of knowledge in nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of sugary drinks and ultraprocessed products due to misleading advertising, promote the need to take preventive measures to alleviate this increase in overweight children.

Food education voluntarily incorporates eating behaviors or behaviors related to food for the benefit of people’s health and well-being. “It is important to take the children to buy, to observe the markets, to see the variety of vegetables that our territory has, to choose, to be aware of all the cooking options that exist, this is food education, which allows us develop skills to make appropriate food decisions, ”said Galvez.

The expert in nutritional coaching has explained that the final objective in her work is to achieve a transformation process through which the little ones and their families deepen their knowledge about nutrition, creating an appropriate environment and adopting an attitude necessary to achieve a change in its diet with the use as the first resource of the gastronomy of our territory.