A complete treatment for your feet

The feet are one of the most important parts of the body but at the same time one of the most forgotten, so it is good to visit the podiatrist to maintain good health of the feet and the tread.

Chiropody is the quintessential treatment in podiatry and consists mainly of the elimination of calluses and alterations in the toenails. These sessions allow us to detect typical diseases both in the skin and in the nails such as fungi and plantar warts.

There is no specific age to go to the podiatrist, it is true that elderly people tend to be more likely to suffer from these types of alterations, but the use of inappropriate footwear and the continued practice of certain sports can also damage them.

In the Medcare Medical Center the chiropody session consists of a generalized evaluation of the entire foot, the therapeutic cutting and milling of the nails, the delamination of the hardnesses, the treatment of calluses and helomas, the milling of the heels and finally the Foot hydration with a relaxing massage.