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Single-seater hyperbaric chamber models in service in Spain
The first hyperbaric chamber designed centuries ago was a single-seater hyperbaric chamber.

There have been several attempts to bring single-seater hyperbaric chamber models into service, but they did not bear fruit due to a lack of operating, maintenance and licensing technicians.

We have always had small hyperbaric chambers exclusively intended for divers and many of them installed in the boats themselves. Sometimes these hyperbaric chambers are not regulated, need maintenance and have safety problems.

Characteristics of Single-seater hyperbaric chambers

  • Maximum pressure of 3 ATA.
  • They need an O2 supply system capable of providing between 50 and 90 PSI pressure.
  • The usual oxygen supply is in liquid form which is created into gas before entering the chamber.
  • Continuous ventilation system to ensure 100% O2 purity throughout the session.
  • Intercommunication system between patient and operator.
  • The pressurization speed is regulated independently for each session and each patient.
  • Emergency exhaustion system that decompresses the camera in a maximum of 90 seconds from 3 ATA.
  • Entertainment system with adjustable interior sound.
  • Rigid structure with an average weight of more than 1 ton (depending on the model).
  • Possibility of connecting devices needed to treat critical patient and meters.

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