Cavitation is a type of non-invasive aesthetic treatment based on the application of low frequency ultrasound that induces the formation of vacuum bubbles in the liquid inside the cells (adipocytes) that make up the tissue adipose.

With the treatment of cavitation these fat cells are destroyed, turning the localized fat nodules into liquid substances that the body will naturally eliminate through the lymphatic system. The areas for which cavitation sessions are most commonly applied are the abdomen, waist and thighs, but also on the buttocks, arms, back and calves.


  • Eliminating fat through the process of ultrasonic cavitation has many advantages, including the possibility of treating areas that have dense fat deposits and extracting large volumes of fat at once. Its main benefit is therefore the elimination of localized fat.

  • Aesthetic cavitation has the additional benefit of stretching the skin during the process. It becomes much more elastic and this makes the treatment an excellent alternative to lifting the tummy tuck and the body, which are intended to remove excess loose skin. That is, even if you lose fat and centimeters, your skin will not be flaccid but will adapt to your body and will be smooth.

  • Cavitation is often performed after liposuction as a method to refine the shape of your body, because it has greater precision. Many people, after having liposuction find that their skin is off the hook and loose. With cavitation they get the skin to adapt to the body naturally getting this way to have a young and healthy appearance.

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