MedCare Medical Center has made a strong commitment to become one of the benchmark cosmetic surgery centers in Valencia . Plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgery is a medical specialty that offers an infinity of techniques and procedures aimed at improving the well-being, quality of life and self-perception of our patients, through the enhancement of their natural beauty and the use of techniques of rejuvenation.

One of the most important principles that condition our work is the search for naturalness in our results, and to bodily harmony , avoiding radical changes and exaggerated results. We want our patients to become an improved version of themselves, not different people.

From MedCare Medical Center, we offer the most cutting-edge treatments in the field of plastic surgery. Among the techniques most in demand by our patients are breast augmentation surgery, mastopexy or breast lift, breast reduction, abdominal lipectomy, liposuction, droopy eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), ear surgery (otoplasty), surgery nose (rhinoplasty), face lift and removal of skin lesions.

Although plastic surgery is a specialty that covers a large number of anatomical regions, breast surgery is one of the most recognized fields of this specialty. In fact, breast augmentation surgery is the most frequently performed surgical procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery, and one of the most satisfactory results for our patients. In these cases, we always advocate the search for natural results, avoiding exaggerated volumes, in order to maintain harmonious body proportions.

The decision on the technical details of breast augmentation surgery , including the type of incisions and implants, It is taken by consensus between each patient and their surgeon, depending on the preferences of each patient, after having received the appropriate advice. The size of the prostheses is usually one of the main concerns of our patients, and in this sense, we use algorithms based on body measurements for the selection of implants, taking into account the thoracic proportions, but also adjusting the size range in depending on your personal preferences. In addition, we have a system of external testers to be able to simulate the final result and optimize the selection of the prosthesis volume.

Our plastic surgeons are also experts in performing lipofilling procedures, lipografts o Filled with own fat, in fact, they have carried out research works related to its use that are of national reference and have received scientific awards from some of the most important institutions in Spain (such as the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Catalonia). Therefore, we also offer the performance of highly demanded surgeries in Valencia related to these techniques; such as the buttock augmentation operation, liposculpture, breast augmentation with its own fat, or facial rejuvenation with fat infiltration.

Liposuction is another technique that is booming in Valencia, there is even a very significant increase in the demand for liposuction in men. Among the types of surgery most frequently performed on men, the treatment of gynecomastia (correction of breast enlargement), abdominoplasty , and facial surgeries (otoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and face lift). This trend represents an important change compared to the patient who traditionally requested the services of plastic surgeons, and an increasing number of male audiences decide to improve their physical appearance with the help of surgery.

The extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery with the delicate manipulation of tissues and the improvement of suture techniques with In order to optimize the resulting scars, skin lesions such as moles, warts, fibroids and skin tumors are frequently treated by plastic surgeons in order to achieve the removal of these lesions obtaining the best possible healing .

Because we know that each patient is unique, we want to meet you to provide you with all the information you need. Request your first free assessment , and find out about the benefits that plastic surgery can bring to your well-being.

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