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The MedCare Medical Center offers you the specialty of Angiology and Vascular Surgery with coverage for multiple pathologies that are very frequent in our society. This is a medical-surgical specialty aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood vessels, be they the veins or arteries (except the heart and intracranial vessels).

One of its main service portfolios is venous pathology of the lower limbs. Venous insufficiency is a very frequent pathology in our society with symptoms ranging from heaviness of the legs, appearance of varicose veins in the extremities, edema (swelling) and in more advanced stages changes in the skin or even the appearance of ulcers.

At Medcare we have various therapies for the treatment of venous insufficiency or varicose veins: medical treatment, sclerotherapyvaricose vein surgery using phlebectomy, surgery using the CHIVA technique and saphenous ablation therapies using radiofrequency.

In order to offer the most appropriate treatment to each patient, it is essential to take an appropriate therapeutic approach. The Eco-Doppler performed by a specialist is currently the most accurate tool in the study of venous and arterial pathology of the lower limbs, being a non-invasive technique that allows us not only to study venous insufficiency and varicose veins, but also the diagnosis of various pathologies such as deep vein thrombosis and the study of peripheral arterial pathology.

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