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The thigh lift or cruroplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the shape and smoothness of the thighs and legs. This technique allows to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve the body contour of a woman who has sagging skin on her thighs.

  • Correct a reduction in leg and thigh volume after significant weight loss.

  • Allow the use of certain garments such as swimsuits, in women with thighs that show very deteriorated skin and fabrics.

By pulling on the skin both superiorly and medially, we can give more smoothness to the distended skin of the thigh and elevate the sagging tissue.

Details of the procedure

The type of thigh lift technique by which this skin traction will be performed will depend on your anatomy and personal characteristics. The incision may be made only on the inner thigh near the groin, or may need to be brought to the gluteal fold. Sometimes, when lifting the thighs and buttocks, it may be necessary to perform it in a circular way. The choice of approach is made with the aim that the incision is positioned so that the scars are as little visible as possible.

In the event that the scars are long and obvious, it is necessary to weigh whether the improvement in body contour will compensate for the appearance of such scars. Our surgeons will explain what the situation will be so that you can objectively evaluate the possible improvement.

A liposuction is performed through the initial incision to facilitate skin traction, and then excess skin and fat are removed. The incisions are then carefully sutured.

Surgery generally lasts two to three hours. After surgery, the legs, thighs and buttocks will obtain a significant improvement in their appearance and the scars will fade over time.

There are several technical variants to carry out this procedure, depending on the design applied for the resection of excess skin, and the way in which fat resection and tissue repositioning are performed. We will assess your case individually to propose the best options in order to achieve a natural and harmonious result with your body.

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