Food and nutrition education is responsible for producing educational strategies designed to facilitate the voluntary adoption of eating behaviors in order to improve health and well-being. These strategies are focused on developing skills for correct food decision making. They will consist of clearing all the doubts related to food and myths. Know the different macronutrients and their functions. Learn to make a healthy and balanced menu according to preferences and schedules of each patient. Also in getting to know if a product is healthy or not and how to find out with nutritional labeling. And much more. Presenting nutritional education is the basis that will allow us to know the importance of what and why I should make preference when choosing some foods over others, in what quantities I should consume them and the best cooking methods for each of them. Making all of us aware of what we eat and we can improve our health, symptoms or physical performance. Thus, we will learn the basics of nutrition which will help each patient to present an optimal state of health.

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