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The appearance of skin lesions such as cysts, lipomas, nevi, “moles”, and other types of skin tumors anywhere on the body can cause cosmetic alterations or discomfort, which motivate to go to a specialist to request its removal. However, the most important aspect of this type of lesion is to know and determine the existence of clinical characteristics suspected of malignancy, which would justify the absolute indication of its removal.

Due to the extensive experience available in the field of plastic surgery in the treatment of this type of injury and in the management careful of the tissues, in addition to mastering the suturing techniques that guarantee the best healing processes; The removal of skin lesions by a plastic surgeon is advisable when you want to remove the tumor, obtaining the best possible healing.

Details of the procedure

The intervention will depend on the size and type of skin lesion to be removed, although it can generally be performed in consultation with local anesthesia; by resection and direct closure with fine suture. In cases where it is necessary, the excised lesion will be sent to the laboratory for anatomopathological study and to determine the type of tumor. When the lesions are of considerable size, it may be necessary to carry out local tissue mobilization techniques (“flaps”) or grafts.

Recovery after this procedure is usually very fast, since it is a simple surgery, which hardly produces edema, swelling or discomfort. The procedure can be performed in consultation, lasting between thirty minutes and an hour, and the patient can return home shortly after the intervention. In most cases, return to work and normal daily activity can be done the day after the operation, although activities that require physical effort should be avoided during the first weeks. These recommendations may change in the case of very extensive injuries, or that affect certain anatomical regions.

Our surgeons are experts in treating skin lesions, from small tumors such as lipomas, cysts, nevi or “moles”, to the removal of large tumors of any other etiology. We will assess your case individually to propose the best therapeutic option in order to obtain an aesthetically satisfactory result, seeking maximum safety in the elimination of tumor lesions.

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