MedCare Medical Centre has a fundamental Portfolio of Services for the functional units that we set up as well as for their most avant-garde treatments.

The unit of Lymphedema and lipoedema so frequent already in the first ages of the adolescence where the young girls enter regimes or diuretics to eliminate liquid when it is necessary to treat them and to explain to them of which pathology they have and that unfortunately they do not know how to focus them.

Better known by patients are secondary lymphedemas usually after oncological surgery and where our treatment is also essential to achieve maximum patient satisfaction.

The Medical Centre has within this portfolio of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy the modern technique Cyrix for tendons and ligaments. This is a more modern technique used by elite athletes. The Centre also complements these techniques with the hyperbaric chamber.

These elite athletes will be one of our target clients in this MedCare Medical Centre where we will give global treatments for your tendon or ligament injuries as well as for your muscle fatigue or breakage.

As in other portfolios of the MedCare Centre, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy has a whole medical-clinical apparatus for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as electrotherapy, press therapy, etc. and logically with a master physiotherapist in all types of massages and drains.

Physiotherapy is a university degree in the branch of health sciences. It is developed by a collegiate physiotherapist where through science he seeks the patient’s health. His methods are kinesitherapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy and lymphatic drainage among others.

Sports physiotherapy is a specialty within physiotherapy. The approach and methods are carried out with techniques more oriented to the fast recovery of the athlete.

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