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The reduction of the labia minora or labiaplasty is a surgical technique that allows to achieve the remodeling of the labia minora, when they are enlarged. Labia minora augmentation can appear in childhood, but is often acquired as a result of childbirth, age, or infection. This situation bothers the patient in her usual life (when wearing clothes, when doing sports) or for aesthetic reasons.

Details of the procedure

With labiaplasty, excess skin and mucosa are removed using a technique that allows practically no visible scar to remain. The procedure can be combined with a reduction of the clitoral hood (removal of excess skin around the clitoris) and with intervention on the labia majora.

To obtain the best results and guarantee greater comfort for our patients, we prefer to perform this technique under sedation in the operating room. However, some patients may choose to have this procedure performed under local anesthesia, depending on their personal preferences. The duration of the surgery is between one and three hours depending on the additional interventions to be performed.

Our plastic surgeons are experts in vaginal rejuvenation surgery, so they will offer you a personalized treatment based on your preferences and needs.

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