When we talk about a lipolaser, we mean a team with laser technology capable of operating as a liposuction without surgery.

In our body, over the years and regardless of whether we are male or female, there are certain areas that accumulate fat in a way that is quite resistant to diets, sports and healthy eating, making it impossible to reduce them or remove them.

Since it is not an excessive amount of fat, a liposuction may seem too invasive, so opt for a suitable alternative such as lipolaser It may be the best bet.

The lipolaser is a revolutionary laser without suction or anesthesia, which reduces and eliminates fat located on flanks and abdomen, both women and men , allowing a speedy recovery without any pain.

In this case, as a favorite of Brussels Clinic professionals, we are going to talk about the SculpSure lipolaser, a state-of-the-art device used by our fat reduction specialists to help our patients achieve the look they want.

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