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Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is a surgical technique that can correct the loss and loss of volume in the chest. A woman’s breasts evolve over the years, and there are many factors that contribute to her aging, highlighting age, weight loss and gain, and pregnancy. When this takes place, not only the physical aspect is affected, but there may be repercussions on the psychosocial aspects.

When the breasts have sufficient volume despite being sagging, it is possible to produce a lift and provide volume without resorting to the use of breast implants. In this way, a smoother and younger breast is obtained, enhancing its attractiveness, without the introduction of artificial elements.

When the breasts are sagging and have little volume, in addition to remodeling and repositioning, it is necessary to use breast implants to achieve recovery adequate volume. In these cases, the prostheses are usually positioned underneath the muscle to provide better support.

Details of the procedure

Depending on the anatomical characteristics of each patient and their preferences, the technical details of the surgery will be different. The type of incisions used will depend on the state of the breast tissues, but generally, a periareolar scar, a vertical scar, and a small incision in the submammary sulcus will be required. Through these approaches, the breast is retained, removing the remaining skin, and repositioning the glandular tissue and areola in a more youthful position. In addition, these same incisions serve as an entry point to place the new breast implant if necessary. In milder cases, it is possible to perform the intervention exclusively through a periareolar scar.

There are multiple techniques for performing this surgery, depending on the design applied to resect excess skin, and how that the repositioning of the mammary gland is performed. We will individually assess your case to propose the best options in order to achieve a natural and harmonious result with your body.

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