Micro-blading is a makeup technique, the latest trend in fashion that is part of micropigmentation aesthetics, its aim is to correct or completely rebuild an eyebrow devoid of hair or absent; hair by hair creating a completely natural look.

It lasts approximately 9 months to a year, in some cases up to two, which will depend on the person’s skin characteristics, skin type and lifestyle.

This is done by manually depositing a pigment in the deep epidermis of the skin using a special feather, (inductor). It is the newest technique within the permanent makeup industry in the creation of eyebrow design hair by hair or shadow. It is a method of easy realization, quick healing and much more natural appearance. It can also be used to thicken or darken existing eyebrows by giving them a more defined shape.

Why a more natural result?

Micro-blading does not involve the use of electric machines and, unlike other permanent make-up treatments such as micropigmentation, involves individual tracing for each eyebrow hair with an inducer that contains micro-needles which simulate a very subtle tracing, seeking a more natural result than tattoos or permanent make-up techniques with machines, eyebrow pencils, gels or powders.


Micro-blading is a type of tattoo technique. The pigment is deposited in the dermis to last over time. Like all other tattoos it can fade depending on multiple factors (quality of the pigment or inks used, exposure to UV rays, elements found in skin care products, medications, etc.) but it will never disappear completely. The tattoo is permanent, either on the body or face, although there are cases where it disappears completely.

Immediately after treatment, the eyebrows will appear darker than expected, but will fade with the healing process over the next 4 weeks.


Micro-blading is contraindicated in people with diabetes, hypertension, blood-borne diseases, skin disorders. The most common complications that can result from this type of treatment are the misapplication of the pigment or its migration, so it is advisable to be performed by a professional.


The treatment should be performed in a sterile environment, with prior disinfection of the eyebrow skin area by the technician, and using disposable single-use tools (needles, gloves, micro brushes, etc.).


Week 1: Colour intensity occurs in the first few days and mild swelling may be experienced in the first few hours after treatment.

Week 2: A drastic reduction in colour is observed as the skin generates a micro-crust that falls off and causes the colour not to be seen, for the most part, it seems to disappear completely, this is normal.

Week 3: Total skin repair, colour goes up

Week 4: The skin completes the healing process and is retouched to reinforce the colour.

It is important to know that the colour of the first day of treatment will decrease up to 30-40% of intensity when healing, your eyebrows will have a natural look and without the need to resort to makeup day by day, you will no longer have to think about your eyebrows made up in the pool, at the beach or simply doing some physical movement where makeup of your eyebrows can run.

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