It is a semi-permanent makeup technique, it is not definitive. The pigments used are not as strong as those of the body tattoo. It is performed with an instrument called a Dermograph, which consists of the application of pigments in the subepidermal layer of the skin by micro needles in order to enhance and correct facial features and provide a solution to many aesthetic problems, using products and equipment of the latest technology that ensure the optimal result of treatment.

The duration of the execution of the work varies depending on the technique to choose but generally it is up to two hours.

The technician will carry out a study and together with the client will decide which the most suitable technique is. It will depend on the type of skin and the desired result of the client, a preparatory design will be made with the study of the face and its lines (visagism) the colour will be chosen and will show the materials for the treatment, all this with the approval and consent of the client. After one month the original design will be retouched since some of the pigments applied the first time are absorbed or rejected and the colour fades slightly. It is common that after a year the colour of the micropigmentation begins to fade, so it is necessary to make annual retouches to maintain the original design.


By means of the technique of the hair to hair, the eyebrows were designed where they no longer grow or where it is necessary to correct the form, with the technique of the shading, it will be corrected and the most suitable form will be given to your face, you will no longer have to worry about constructing every day and to have the tranquillity that you will not run with sweat or water.

Eye liner

The base line of the lashes is created generating intensity in the lashes. The technique may vary in shape and may be accompanied by a small shading to further frame the look.


The lips can correct asymmetries, depigmentation’s and give a colour tone to the mucosa of the lips with a very natural pigmentation. The colour as soon as the work is done will be more intense and marked, in the month of healing 60% of the colour will be lost, resulting in the lips appearing very natural.

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