The Medical Centre MedCare offers as Newness and Added Value to our customers a new way of looking at Nutrition and Diets.

We have an expert Coach, who will accompany our customers in the process of lifestyle change and a healthy diet.

This new work philosophy consists of the patient learning what eating habits they want to progress in and how they accompanied by nutritional advice can achieve this life changing diet.

We will study habits, customs, tastes, needs, schedules and anything that may influence your diet and agreeing together, coach – patient, objectives.

These objectives will be adapted to health needs. The patient will be accompanied by our professional throughout this process.

These objectives will be evaluated in the different consultations readapting them to the new needs of each person because as it is logical they are about personalized processes, for that additional material will be delivered, food education will be carried out or those aspects more worrying for each patient will be worked through.

Within this portfolio is logically and in a very prominent place child nutrition. Where we believe that Food Education starts or should start from infancy.

Helping the little ones to know how to eat will allow them to establish correct eating habits to ensure optimum growth.

On the other hand, a proper introduction of food or self-directed feeding by the baby (baby Led Weaning) in the early stages of life, ensures a control of the weight gain of the infant and thus a nutrition according to their needs.

With this Feeding Coaching the MedCare Medical Centre leaves aside the stereotypical diets of lifelong regimens.

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