At each stage of life (lactation phase, growth phase, adulthood, pregnancy, menopause and advanced age) we need different dietary requirements that change according to our metabolism. These requirements vary both in quantities and in qualitative values of nutritional needs. When a person reaches an advanced age, there are several factors to consider; If you have any pathology, its respective symptoms, side effects of chronic mediation, degree of dependency and mobility. Each of these variants will result in different and necessary eating guidelines for each of them. It is also important to take into account your food preferences, tastes, availability of food and if you require any food texture to avoid choking on both food and drink. Therefore, it is necessary to study each case individually in order to offer you the best possible help. In addition to ensuring that they are well nourished, that they obtain all the necessary nutrients, offer them a safe diet and that they can reduce their pathologies and / or symptoms as much as possible.

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