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Otoplasty is a surgical technique that allows you to correct detached ears (also known as loop ears or prominent ears) and reduce their size, improving notably the appearance of this striking feature.

Atrial deformities can present themselves in different ways, and at different levels of intensity, with atrial detachment being the most frequent alteration. It is estimated that one in six people may have alterations in the shape of the ears to different degrees.

Details of the procedure

During surgery, the ear cartilage is reshaped. Through an incision that is positioned behind the ear, the excess skin is dried, and the ear is fixed in its new position again. The intervention can be performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis (without having to spend the night in the hospital), or under general anesthesia in the operating room, and its approximate duration is an hour and a half. After surgery, a slightly compressive tape is placed and will remain until stitches are removed, approximately 7 days later.

There are different techniques for performing this surgery. Therefore, our surgeons will individually assess your case to consider the best options in order to achieve the best possible result.

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