The radio frequency emits electromagnetic radiation that oscillates simultaneously in the electric and magnetic field. These radiations continuously change from negative to positive and, as a consequence, a rotational movement of the molecules generates heat. Such heat produces effects on the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, fighting the adipocytes that accumulate under the dermis and modify the silhouette.

In summary, the objective of this technique is to access the deeper layers of the dermis to, through the application of heat, restructure the collagen fibers, thereby causing a skin tightening.

In this way, body radiofrequency allows cellulite and sagging body to be fought and returns luminosity and smoothness, acting as a non-surgical skin stretch.

Its effects are like those of a facelift but without the disadvantages of postoperative and recovery.

The radio frequency has a broad curriculum prior to its “finding” as a strategy against sagging and adipocyte, since it has been used in medicine for many years, especially in the field of conventional surgery. Today, body radiofrequency makes it possible to effectively combat sagging in areas where traditionally the results of nonsurgical techniques left a lot to be desired: breasts, abdomen, inner arms and thighs and neck.


  • The heat emitted by the treatment affects the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue so that satisfactory results can be obtained on the skin, improving the visual appearance of a smoother, more tense skin.

  • The heat that causes the radiofrequency acts in the deep layers of the skin improving the drainage of the lymphatic system. This means that there will be an improvement in the drainage of liquids and the elimination of toxins that accumulate in our body will be obtained.

  • Thanks to the heating of the area and the improvement of the lymphatic system, it is possible to eliminate a good part of the cellulite that is observed in the superficial layers of the skin.

  • With body radiofrequency, the circulation of the treated areas is improved. That means that an improvement in their future behavior will also be achieved, which will not only be a result in the short term, but will be maintained over time if an adequate diet is followed.

  • With the radiofrequency treatment, new collagen is formed in the skin and in the lower areas. In this sense there is a kind of renewal that causes that feeling of less sagging. The improvement of firmness is one of the reasons that lead many women to think about applying one of these treatments.

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