Vaccum therapy is one of the most complete aesthetic treatments of the moment. Thanks to its specific and revolutionary apparatus, this technique is capable of reducing volume, firming the skin and eliminating localized fat, all in the same session and in a certain period of time. Yes, vacumterapia is one of the most desired treatments of recent times and it is that thanks to its revolutionary technique: a cup that is absorbing small extracts from the skin and that thanks to the unification of Radiofrequency and rotary Vacum, make us get the physique we had always wanted efficiently, quickly and painlessly.


  • Facilitates the elimination of liquids and toxins. Glass cups that are applied in the sessions stimulate the body’s ability to drain accumulated fluids. In this way, the patient can eliminate organic waste from the body. This favors the improvement of the appearance of the skin and its general well-being.

  • Improvement of circulation. Applying vacuum therapy sessions allows you to activate both blood and lymph circulation in the body. This effectively prevents the accumulation of fluids and favors the functioning of various organs.

  • Relief of muscle tension. Do not forget that vacumterapia performs a delicate massage in the area of ??the body in which it is applied. In addition to the implications of aesthetic treatment, it represents an invaluable aid in relaxing and relieving muscle tensions.

  • Improvement of skin quality. Undergoing sessions of this technique regularly allows to improve the quality of the skin. Among other effects, it administers a superficial exfoliation on the epidermis giving it greater luminosity.

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