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Welcome to MedCare Medical Center

A New Private Medical Center is opened in Valencia offered to offer the most innovative health techniques, available to any citizen. The Medical Medical Center has a distribution of Portfolios of Medical and Health Services that cover most of the pathologies of first necessity that our patients demand from us.

Our medical centre is playing a leading part in the specialisation of Hyperbaric & Subaquatic therapeutics, (both of which are underscored) into the Valencian community.

To carry out this purpose, we have a single-seater hyperbaric chamber of 3 Atmospheres of the latest generation, which complies with all legal provisions, and covers multiple uses in pathologies that are already indicative of this hyperbaric therapy; diabetic foot, sudden deafness, burns, scars or residual injuries post-radiation, muscle fatigue and so on, all of which can be consulted within the Medical Centre itself.

We are also pioneers in our Dietitian and Nutrition Unit where the emphasis is on new education and approaches to nutrition, performing a true nutritional coaching to our patients and leaving behind the often obsolete previous methods we still see today. Our Physiotherapy Unit offers the Lymphedema Unit, and its close cooperation with the Vascular Unit development’s, making it one of the most advanced in the Valencian Community.

We have the specialists who will help solve and treat the primary care pathologies of our patients, through this become part of the solution to the long waiting lists that are found in public centres.

Within our portfolio of medical services, we also offer state-of-the-art products such as the Seal Vein for varicose veins. A method that allows immediately after the treatment, the continuance of daily life as with our movement there is no need for anaesthesia nor measures of post-surgical compression. The Medcare Medical Centre is the only centre in Valencia that has a certified surgeon to perform this innovative and minimally invasive technique.

In our specialised Medical Centre, you will also find synergies in different specialities such as Podiatry, Vascular Surgery and Hyperbaric therapy for the diabetic foot, generating a true "Diabetic Foot Unit" offering unique services in the Valencian Community, such as 3 ATA hyperbaric therapy, a technique of which resolves these difficulties of the foot, avoiding much more traumatic treatments that would occur further along the line.

Due to all these aspects, we created the new MEDCARE, advanced Modern Medical Centre with renowned specialists of high prestige and with cutting-edge and innovative treatments, both regionally and nationally.


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